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Our Favorite Cups

Over the last few weeks I've answered different questions about cups in the mom's groups that I am in. I decided it would be helpful to share a bit more information about our favorite cups. The Munchkin 360 used to be our go-to cup until I learned from some other speech-language pathologists that it does not promote oral motor development (thanks to Hallie Bulkin, Little Sprout Speech, and Melanie Potock, My Munch Bug). Straws or open cups are the way to go. I don't want milk poured on my floor daily so straw cups it is :) You can purchase an adapter to use your Munchkin 360 with a straw; however, the straw is long.

Ideally, we want our little ones using cups with short straws. I tried out the Tommee Tippee and am loving this one for on the go cup drinking. Though the cover is tough to open and would be impossible for babies/toddlers it is nice to have a cover to keep the straw clean when the cup is thrown. We do refill this one often since the nine ounces, when we fill it with water, go quickly. This cup has been a welcome change from our Munchkin weighted straw cups which leaked constantly!! It drove us nuts. My husband thought it was a bit ridiculous that we had a cup that we constantly had to open to release air so that the milk didn't spill out after my son took one sip. We were happy to throw that cup away! My son has tried his hardest but he can't shake liquids out of his Tommee Tippee, sorry buddy :) One last thing about the Tommee Tippee, we did not get to select a color for this cup when ordering.

The other cup we tried out was the Thermos Funtainer. This one will be great as he gets a bit older but my daughter has taken it over for now. This one will spill when open and turned over. Since our guy loves playing with water any chance he gets we'll stick with the Tommee Tippee for him for now. My daughter is loving how cold her water is when we go for family walks.

Our last go-to cup for meals at home is the take and toss straw cups. These have a longer straw but it can be trimmed down if needed. We want our little ones to use their lips and cheeks to drink from a straw with the tongue in the mouth. This is a nice cup to have on hand but it does leak when tipped over and when it is thrown. Working on setting things down when finished is a work in progress :)

Please let me know if you have additional questions! We can talk transitions from bottles to cups, open cups, and more! Stay tuned for the next post-helping our toddlers with frustration.

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