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Time to write...

I can honestly say that writing is not my favorite activity but here we are, in the midst of a pandemic, and I find that every day is spent using what I've learned over the years to keep my kids happy and support their growth. I try to share what I know in online mom's groups with comments but often feel like I run out of time to give as much information as I possibly can. I have always been thankful for the career path that I've chosen, first as an early childhood special education teacher and now as a speech-language pathologist. I found what I love to do and chose to work part-time and stay home with my children a year ago so that I could spend more time doing what I love with my kids. Building a business has been exciting and thrown a few more challenges my way as we adjust to working from home. I didn't realize how much time I would end up spending with my kids...despite how odd life is these days we are having fun and mostly staying calm. I learn so much and get so many great ideas from the blogs I read. I'm hoping that with this blog I can share ideas related to my field and parenting so that I can help parents and professionals and learn more myself.

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