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The Power of Books

It's been a busy few weeks for our family. We sold our home to friends and bought a new home. As we prepared for the sale and move, it didn't occur to me that our daughter would be anything but excited. Our new home would be bigger with more room to play, what not to love. Every night before bed, she would ask different questions, "Will we take our ceiling fans?", "Do we take the toilets?", "Will there be sinks at the new house?"... the questions went on. We assured her that we would leave these things for the new owners and that our new house had all of these things but realized that this was tough for our daughter to comprehend because she couldn't see the inside of the new home until it was ours. A good friend suggested we read books about moving. Thank goodness for Amazon and the library.

The books made a huge difference in helping her prepare and I was honestly embarrassed that I didn't think of this first. Books are the best kind of social story. You can read about going to the doctor, going to the dentist, taking a trip on a plane...there are books for so many events that might seem small to us but are so big for our children. A tip if you have an event coming up that doesn't already have a book that relates, make your own with pictures that you take yourself or that you find on the internet. Something tangible, that can be looked at/read over and over again can be very comforting during the unfamiliar. Thanks for reading!

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